Preparing Tomorrow's Athletes is a family-owned facility created by Cedric Thornton, former defensive lineman of the NFL. He wanted to be more involved with his children who were growing up and becoming elite players in sports, so he decided to step away from his career to help prepare them for their future. He began to train them in his yard and then other children from the neighborhood begin to join, and it just kept growing so he decided to open a training facility. PTA offers each athlete a chance to train with professionals that will help them reach their full potential. We train so that the moment is not new to us. Join us and give yourself a chance to grow and become your very best version and a chance to compete with confidence.



Come train with one of the best run stoppers to ever play in the NFL, Cedric Thornton


If you seek specialized sports training, such as improving footwork, technique, fundamentals, and other skill sets, our program can help you. We work with all age groups and skillsets, from just starting in little league programs to high-level high school and college athletes.

- Position Specific

- Speed & Agility

- Strength & Conditioning

- Core Training

- Weightlifting

- Mobility & Flexibility

- Acceleration

With years of success and experience, we are capable of analyzing your skills and creating a plan that will help you reach your goals. We will work with you to keep you on track and motivated to reach your goals.

Join A PTA Sports Team

PTA offers recreational teams for all youths. Teams are formed and compete throughout the year in seasonal league offerings and tournaments. Join our growing teams today!


Practice utilizing pro skills with professionals and understanding life while creating a work ethic. You will also receive the benefit of learning and laughing with your PTA fam.. So, come join the PTA society where you are a priority. Your balloon deserves air too! Lets soar past yesterday while mastering our craft to overcome tomorrow!!

Health & Safety Concerns?

Here at PTA the health and safety of our athletes is a top priority. We've taken the proper measures to ensure all athletes stay healthy while training at our facility. Property Zeus Commercial Services sanitizes the entire facility on a weekly basis.

What they sayin'

Preparing Tomorrow's Athletes is the kids home away from home. Cedric Thornthon is always encouraging and lifting up these kids with endless patience and commitment to their success on and off the field.

Sabrina Preston

Cedric and his coaches are awesome. They've taken my two kids who were average players and indifferent about their sports to being very good players who now care about getting better and look forward to practice and games. Cedric teaches the fundamentals and techniques that my kids haven't gotten elsewhere that has greatly improved their ability and enjoyment. And he makes it fun for them. I am very thankful for everything they have done for us. You won't find a better person or training than this.

Scott Booth

Signed my son up for Training and he loves it. Staff is friendly and very helpful in demonstrating each drill/exercise. Each drill is designed for his skill level today. We have seen improvement in his strength/conditioning/skills in only 2 weeks. Coach Cedric pulled my son on the court (basketball) as soon as he came in day 1 and coaches included him in the drills immediately. My son felt like part of Coach Bobby's team from the start. Coach Cedric is very interactive with the kids no matter the skill level. I asked my son if he wanted to continue going, he said "Yes it was fun".  I will take that answer all day long. I see my son more energetic and excited to go each time.

David Griffin